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Liquid Recirculation/Chiller Unit

The Liquid Recirculation / Chiller Unit provides precise control of the temperature of recirculated liquid for optimal cooling despite ambient temperature fluctuations. The unit removes heat from the vicinity of the camera, preventing atmospheric turbulence. The unit is best suited for use with the Aspen cameras with optional adaptation for liquid circulation.

Price: $2550.00

Apogee 2 inch Round Filter Wheel for Alta and Ascent

2 inch Round Filter Wheel - 9 positions (does not include filters)
The AFW50 series of filter wheels provide large format filtering solutions for the Alta and Ascent series of imaging systems. The AFW50-9R filter wheel is ideal for medium and small format CCDs in the Alta or Ascent Series. The filter wheel is controlled via USB 2.0. The filter wheel easily adapts to the Alta D02, D07, and D09 bodies, as well as to Ascent and AP systems.

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